Epic Poker Training Academy Week 4

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Hi team, We hope you had a great week and have successfully implemented our first three weeks of training into your play. Thanks for the updates and keep them coming! We now are in our 4th week and this week’s videos, handouts and homework focus on post-flop play and a special section called “Beyond the Felt” dealing with things that have nothing to do with your cards but are all very important as well.
Playing from the Big Blind is a big leak in many players games. This next video will discuss optimal BB strategy. Also, during the later stages of tournaments we switch from counting big blinds to M which is defined as how many orbits you have left before you are blinded out with your current stack. Dan Harrington invented the M theory and the handout is attached along with discussion in the video below.Also discussed is the push or fold strategy for 10 BB or less. The push fold handout is below. Many of you may have thought it’s an automatic shove when you get to 10 BB as that has been the common practice and teaching in the past. But as you will see from this chart and my belief is that you do not need to panic when you are down to 10 BB and it is not a requirement to shove your stack with marginal holdings. Take a look at the handout and it goes from 10 BB all the way down to 2! There are a lot of great comeback stories of people including myself and many if not all of you that have come back from one or two chips to either win or final table a tournament. Even the WSOP Colossus II winner came back from  ONLY 1 ANTE CHIP LATE DAY 2 to win $1 Million Dollars!  So don’t panic and NEVER GIVE UP! Anything is possible in this game we all love!!!

Three Tips for early stage tournament play by Daniel Negreanu
Epic Poker Training Online Academy Week #4 Homework
Epic Poker Training Quiz Week 4
Epic Poker Training- Push or Fold Charts-10 Big Blinds and under
Epic Poker Training-Harrington M


  1. 🕔 22:40, 20.February 2017

    Jeanne Howard

    This is the first I have heard the word M…Where did we hear about this? I am lost about M. Can someone explain.

    • 🕔 6:21, 21.February 2017

      Marsha Wolak AUTHOR

      Jeanne that’s a good thing! I am glad you have never heard about this and hopefully many more things we discuss during the academy you will have not heard of as well. That’s why you are here-to learn, grow and improve the game you currently have. It’s important that you watch the training videos first as the weeks summary handouts, quiz and homework all relate to the training videos. It’s like the “cart before the horse” kind of thing if you just go straight to the handouts first. Everything is explained in the videos. That’s why this course is so long. It would be “TMI” too much information if given all at once. Hope that helps!

      • 🕔 17:47, 22.February 2017

        Jeanne Howard

        Thank you but I do not see any videos in the sidebar. I think I saw them on my computer at home. I will check I might have a different version here that is not allowing me to see them.

  2. 🕔 11:15, 24.February 2017

    Melanie Fine

    Marsha I just went to look for week 3 videos and I can’t seem to fine any other videos or weeks lessons in the right hand margin 🙂

    • 🕔 13:04, 24.February 2017

      Marsha Wolak AUTHOR

      I assure you and just confirmed that you have access to all weeks in what is called the sidebar of the cyber classroom. But if you are trying to accesss it from your Mobil device because of all the information it will all not appear on your screen. Please view from your laptop or desk top with full screen viewing capability.

  3. 🕔 10:51, 26.February 2017

    Jeanne Howard

    Thanks, got it. 🙂

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