Special LIPS Tuition Discount for Academy!

Special LIPS Tuition Discount for Academy!

Especially for  LIPS members. Tuition discount to the SPRING semester of Epic Poker Training Online Academy!

Begins Monday, January 30th 7:30 PM  EST

What You Get

The online poker academy is a progressive 13 week course covering all aspects of no limit Texas Hold’em tournament play and cash games. It includes 12 weeks of intensive 100% online training by four top world renowned poker coaches all done at your own pace from the comforts of your home or anywhere on your mobile device.

It’s an all inclusive program with a combination of live webinars, training videos, weekly homework, handouts and quizzes along with a 100 question final exam. Not to mention, it is a lot of fun! We’re excited to be adding poker mindset coach, Donna Blevins, into our academy and onto our staff. Together we feel confident that our step-by-step progressive course will take your game all the way from the basics to brilliance!

Regular tuition $495…special $445 especially for LIPS members!

Online Poker Academy Live Webinar Schedule
Date Month Class Time
January 30th January #1 Live Webinar 7:30 PM EST
February 6th February #2 Videos N/A
February 13th #3 Videos N/A
February 20th #4 Videos N/A
February 27th #5 Live Webinar 7:30 PM EST
March 6th March #6 Live Webinar 7:30 PM EST
March 13th #7 N/A
March 20th #8 N/A
March 27th #9 Live Webinar 7:30 PM EST
April 3rd April #10 N/A
April 10th #11 Live Webinar 7:30 PM EST
April 17th #12 N/A
May 2nd May FINAL EXAM 7:30 PM EST
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