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Corey Hochman

As poker players, what do we want? We want the MONEY, we want the GLORY, we want TITLES, and we want RESPECT at the poker table! I thought I could do it on my own, but after multiple poker courses, I was worse off than before. I had a huge mishmosh of information (much of which was either too confusing or contradicted itself), but I had no strategy & no gameplan. Worse than that, I was headed to the poorhouse! But wait, worse than that, other players would see me at the table and label me a desperate wimpfish!

At this moment of crisis, it was time to take action. I contacted Marsha Wolak and signed up for her epicpokertraining course, along with personal lessons from Marsha herself.

Her training videos instantly made sense to me, and I realized why I was losing for so many years. I studied her course for a week straight, and then met up with Marsha for my first 1-on-1 lesson. Marsha looked at my strengths and weaknesses, and broke things down for me. It was the lesson of a lifetime and it made sense. She wanted to tame my poker demons, and then unleash the chip-warrior-beast inside me. Marsha is savage and brilliant; her lessons will guide you in poker, life, and winning.

After the lesson, I played my first tourney under her guidance, and cashed 30th out of 607 in the WSOP-C $1700 Bally’s main event (star-studded field, but I felt like one!). I can say with certainty that if I had played my old style, I would have busted early on.

What’s next?
More study, more lessons with Marsha, and definitely more tournaments…especially now that my bankroll is on the upswing!
Corey Hochman

Dr. Kathryn Bolton

Marsha Wolak and her amazing team including Jessica Dawley and Natasha Mercier at Epic Poker Training are absolutely outstanding. I have been playing No Limit Holdem for ten years with marginal success, read countless articles and books, watched hundreds of hours on television and attended seminars. ALL of that experience has been helpful, but in comparison….I was riding a bus and this has put me on a rocket. Knowledge is power and the way Marsha and her team convey their wisdom is so effective, that anyone taking the time to invest in their training will come away vastly improved. For a small example, Marsha gave a mini seminar prior to the WSOP Ladies Event. After one hour of her teaching and inspiration, I went on the play my first WSOP event, cashed in 35th place out of 819…and if my AA would have played out as they “should have” I feel certain I would have made the final table. Looking forward to attending the Epic Poker Training seminar in January! Dr. Kathryn Bolton
Eugene Castagliuolo

To anyone who wants to learn basic poker as well as some of the tricks of the pros, I would highly recommend taking the Epic Poker Training. Poker Pro Marsha Wolak breaks it all down in an easy-to-understand format at an easily affordable price. Marsha has a big heart and her concern for her students’ success is evident at every turn. I feel I received a lot more than I gave, and in fact, I plan to take the course a second time just to make sure I’ve learned all that Marsha puts out there. Do yourself (and your game) a favor: Sign up for Epic Poker Training with Marsha Wolak!!”
Deborah Farmer

I lost a lot of money over the years trying to learn the game while I played and it was very frustrating. I dreamed of having a coach but knew I couldn’t afford a professional. I was so lucky to meet Marsha Wolak and join the Epic Poker Training Academy. Not only do we get the benefit of Marsha’s expertise, we can interact with other players on many skill levels and learn from them as well. Marsha is the most caring, knowledgeable, encouraging coach anyone could ask for. Join us and take your game to the next level!
Jana VonDach

Marsha Wolak and her team of professionals provide an opportunity to take your poker game to the next level. Marsha, Jessica and Natasha are encouraging and supportive. The limited number of participants creates in interactive environment.
Connie Morton

Marsha, We are thrilled to be taking your classes. You have devised an impressive program which builds upon itself, each week. Kathy and I both thought we were decent players but the more we learn from you, the more we realize we had barely scratched the surface of tournament play. Since we are in Lexington, KY…not a lot of access to good tourneys….yet;). We are committed to working hard to succeed when the opportunities present to continue our growth. We have taken seminars in the past and have learned along the way, but the breadth and depth of your teaching far exceeds anything we’ve been exposed to in the past. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise…it is truly a labor of love and highlights your generosity of spirit. You will be rewarded both by the success of your students and by your success on the felt. Karma is real…it is The Secret!
Lana Nester

I was looking for a coach to improve my game. I was having some success but knew there were some serious holes in my game. After joining Femme Fatale Poker Training, in only 3 one hour sessions I had my biggest tournament cash of my career!  After two more one hour sessions I had an even bigger cash!!  Then after 1 more one hour session the following week I had my biggest cash of all reaching the final table of the Tampa Hard Rock 500k tournament!!! Along with learning the game and how to be more effective, Marsha has taught me to be aggressive and fearless, two things that I have struggled with the most in the past. Thank you Femme Fatale Poker Training!

Dan Knop

Believe it or not I met Marsha Wolak through Twitter.  We both had played in the 2014 Hard Rock Summer Open Main Event, and through reaching out to her there we developed a great friendship.  I personally do not know a player that is better than her or has the results to prove it.  She has won many tournaments at the highest level and has made several deep cashes in other events.  Not only does she still play a lot but she teaches the game too. Through her online and private coaching programs she has taught me strategy, chip management, hand analysis, player image and position rules among many other things.  I have used what she has taught me and already have seen results.  I only wish I had met her before the Main Event at Hard Rock as my deep run could have been even better.  I made some huge mistakes in the tournmament that I know I wouldn’t make today.  For a golf professional like myself that only gets to play in select events every couple of months, I rely on Marsha to help me choose the correct ones based on value and buy-in.  I will continue with Marsha’s training going forward and look to become one of the top tournament and cash players in my region. 

Terri Crawford

I am so  excited to be a part of the inaugural group of ladies that are participating in Femme Fatale’s Poker Power Hour. In the first week I have already learned new concepts in tournament selection and bankroll management that will definitely help me achieve my poker goals. I just bought a package of power hour sessions and can’t wait for our next lesson! 

Robyn Marshman

As I embark into my 3rd week of Femme Fatal Poker Training I have a new found respect for poker. This is the type of training I was looking for. I have been playing for several years and feel most classes gear towards only new comers and it bores me. These classes get you thinking about the behind the scenes of poker, your own style of playing, as well as the players at your table. I can’t wait for everything I am learning to become 2nd nature!

Julie McGrath

Dear Marsha, Let me tell you that I am so appreciative to have pros like you, Jess & Natasha willing to help someone like me!  I aspire to be as good as you all.  I know how important it is to work on my game, but even more so to have GOOD INFORMATION available is not easy to come by.  So all your effort really means a lot! In just a few weeks of attending your weekly power hours I scored my biggest satellite win this week and will be playing in the upcoming $3,500 Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood Rock ‘n Roll Open Main Event! Look forward to attending more classes prior to the tournament and hopefully scoring my biggest cash ever with your help! Thank you! 

Tricia Case

First I wanted to thank you for a great first session! I used my new found fearlessness to play tournaments. Last night I made the $ at the Creek! Was gunning for 1st the whole way! Additionally I want to sign up for the poker power hour package. See you Thursday!
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