Congratulations Corey Hochman for recent deep runs and testimonial!

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Congratulations Corey Hochman for recent deep runs and testimonial!

As poker players, what do we want? We want the MONEY, we want the GLORY, we want TITLES, and we want RESPECT at the poker table! I thought I could do it on my own, but after multiple poker courses, I was worse off than before. I had a huge mishmosh of information (much of which was either too confusing or contradicted itself), but I had no strategy & no gameplan. Worse than that, I was headed to the poorhouse! But wait, worse than that, other players would see me at the table and label me a desperate wimpfish!

At this moment of crisis, it was time to take action. I contacted Marsha Wolak and signed up for her epicpokertraining course, along with personal lessons from Marsha herself.

Her training videos instantly made sense to me, and I realized why I was losing for so many years. I studied her course for a week straight, and then met up with Marsha for my first 1-on-1 lesson. Marsha looked at my strengths and weaknesses, and broke things down for me. It was the lesson of a lifetime and it made sense. She wanted to tame my poker demons, and then unleash the chip-warrior-beast inside me. Marsha is savage and brilliant; her lessons will guide you in poker, life, and winning.

After the lesson, I played my first tourney under her guidance, and cashed 30th out of 607 in the WSOP-C $1700 Bally’s main event (star-studded field, but I felt like one!). I can say with certainty that if I had played my old style, I would have busted early on.

What’s next?
More study, more lessons with Marsha, and definitely more tournaments…especially now that my bankroll is on the upswing!
Corey Hochman

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